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28 August, 2008

ladyboy loveWhy do I like Ladyboys?  I remember the days I use to resist my urges.  Trying not to look at the photos of beautiful girls with dicks but as I grew older I just could not turn away anymore.  By the way I am not that old, but I have liked these naughty tgirls for a good ten years now.  Think about it, they are feminine, love to suck cock and get penetrated up their hole.  Some say why would you like a girl with a cock?  Well I love to play with mine so why not have a girl with something extra I can play with.

Ladyboys are way hornier then most gender born girls.  They are always looking for cock and they are more than happy to be banging all day and night.  Some girls it’s like pulling teeth to get them to drop their panties.  Ladyboys are the complete opposite.  You find them at the bar and you take them home.  No games they are all over you, well they are known to tease you a lot but by the end of the night they will be riding your hard cock.


love those ladyboys

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3 Responses to “Why Do I Love Ladyboys”

  1. 1
    Allen Says:

    I love ladyboy because they not want husband and kids. they spend much baht and effort tp look good, so men will like them. U know you always have a good time with ladyboys. I have known many ladyboys, and have spent many nights in LB bar. LB is not so much baht as lady bar. And, Ladyboy make love and sex so good.

  2. 2
    ColinCum Says:

    haha well said you obviously been to Thailand

  3. 3
    ron adams Says:

    never thought i would feel this way i get more turned on looking at ladyboys than females.i hope i cross paths someday with a ladyboy.i’m getting hot just writing this.i’m sold,i do love ladyboys.

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