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Rafaela CarneiroRafaela Carneiro is showing us tonight what a tight slim Brazilian shemale should look like.  When it comes to a blonde transsexual she is right up there as one of my personal favorites.  She is feminine, petite and loves to have her ass fucked really hard.  Rafaela Carneiro has actually been around for quite some time and she was one of the first sexy shemales I ever saw.  Though a little older now she is still fucking beautiful and her taste for warm cum hasn’t changed at all.  She still loves the feeling of warm jizz flowing down her small tranny tits.

Would be fun to pull down that skirt to her knees. Pull that string on her thong over and spread those shemale ass cheeks wide open.  Playing with the head of your cock around her tranny hole just to tease her.  Make her drip precum from her own hard tgirl cock and you push in just a little and then pull out driving her absolutely wild with anticipation to have you all the way inside of her.  Come and check out her great ass at Brazilian Shemales Club for even more of Rafaela Carneiro!

There are a lot more girls on Brazilian Shemales Club.  If you prefer blondes then Kalena Rios is back with killer set.  If not there is a lot more of Rafaela Carneiro.

Kalena Rios

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Shemale Tugjobs Carla

Shemale Tugjobs does a really sweet job of taking some of my favorite transsexual girls like Carla Novais and making them look fucking sexy as hell.  I just love how her body is glistening in this photo.  Carla Novais has some fucking sweet legs, ass and tits.  In fact she has to have one of the biggest Brazilian booties out there.  I like her much better with the black hair now as well, give her that mysterious evil look.  One look at you with those cum hungry eyes and you know you will be under her spell.

Shemale TugJobs is a new site that focuses just on Shemale stroking.  For those of you that absolutely love seeing that is a pretty sweet place on the web.  They find girls that really have hard cocks and let them play with fruit, water, whip cream and much more.  I like these sites because it’s just you and the girl.  There isn’t any annoying guys coming in and ruining the scene.  I mean I do like a good fuck scene but some of those guys that fuck the tgirls are fucking losers.

Shemale Tugjobs also has HDV content with amazing quality and sound.  I like the Interview section where the girls are asked so of the wildest questions and many give out their phone numbers or email addresses.  Right now they also have some cool wallpapers and behind the scenes videos.  You even have a chance to win a 1 year membership when you join up.  Have fun at Shemale Tugjobs!

Shemale Tug Jobs

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Up the Tranny Ass   Cum Kiss TGirls
Well let’s get back to the girls over at Tranny Cum Swappers.  Aline Santos and Marcela Ramos are two Brazilian girls that really need a touch of precum dick.  Marcela is the skinny one with the butterfly tattoo.  I actually liked her better when she had a bit more meat on her bones but she still is fucking hot and she hasn’t lost her ability to get insanely horny.  I think Aline would have a little more attention from me though.  Her ass alone I could get lost in it.

One of the viewers on my sites said something that would be perfect for this.  If I got Aline’s I would never give it back!  That was quite clever and very funny though he was talking about Carla Novais.  Now that is a girl with a big booty.  I shouldn’t be too selective because I would be very happy to have either one of these tranny sluts wrap their moist mouth around my very anxious cock.  Dangerous and risky these two sweethearts are, sharing a warm cumshot between them. You got to love them for their naughty fetish!

Now it is time for the big Shemale Sales pitch.  For only $4.99 you can get 3 full days to see these high definition cum swapping movies. You knew it was cuming.  I mean coming.

$4.99 Tranny Cum Swappers!

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Cum Hungry ShemaleI always fucking enjoy when I find a set of a shemale that I haven’t seen before.  Her name is Rayssa Tranx and she is a sexy little thing.  Reddish hair, those big dark bedroom eyes and wet lips.  When you come home she is wearing that big coat.  She gives you a naughty flash to show you what she has got.  Naughty black panties and cute top that can barely hold those big tits.  Shemale or not you have to tap that sweet ass, when she gets on the bed and gives you a naughty view of that perfect ass she knows your cock is dripping with precum.

Hung shecock hanging between her legs as she looks back at you with that innocent stare.  Why not push your shaft deep into her tranny pussy and give it to her all night.  She wants it and you know you can’t resist her. Nothing better then having her lick her lips when your done fucking her and she drops to her knees to finish you off in a wet sticky cumshot blowjob.

Come and check her out at BRAZILIAN SHEMALES CLUB.  A Shemale gem on the Internet.  Loaded with amazing videos and images.  Private and secure and updated frequently. I mean look at this vixen, Isabelle Ferraz in a pair of type pantyhose.

Pantyhose Shemale Slut

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Lasia Lins and Patricia Bismark

Hot Photos    Two Shemales One Cock!
Patricia Bismark and Laisa Lins are two cum hungry shemales that are dying to share your warm sticky cum.  Laisa don’t look so shocked you know that was your plan all along was to stick your tongue on the top of a hard shaft and feel the warm salty taste of sticky jizz. In case you haven’t seen these tgirls before, Laisa is the brunette with the little slim body and ass, she is a little different them most Brazilians because she doesn’t have a huge ass, just a tight little fucking one.  She is still hot and she definitely has the sex drive of the Brazilian girls.  Patricia being the blonde is also a nasty girl and her ass is waiting for a hard cock as well.
What a great site this is turning out to be.  I know you would love to fuck one shemale but to have the opportunity to tap two transsexual pussies is even fucking better.  Watching them play with each other’s sexy tgirl tits, kissing each other and of course sharing your cock.  Cum hungry eyes staring up at you while they both slide their tongues all over the head of your cock.  Now that is a fucking sweet time.  Then to finish off you have to decide who gets most of your warm cum.  Don’t worry who ever you give you’re cum to will happily swap it over to her shemale girlfriend.

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Now that is a shemale assIf you are all about the Shemale Ass then let me introduce you to Claudia Lins. This girl is packing some extra luggage in that booty and she really loves to have it spread wide open for a nice hard throbbing cock. You got to love those Brazilian girls, not sure what they feed those tgirls to get those fucking huge asses and throbbing thick cocks. Perhaps Brazil has found some Ass Growing pill that they are keeping to themselves. All I can say is you could lose yourself in that ass. Well if you can focus for a moment and blink you eyes you will see that she is a pretty smoking hot tranny.

Long black hair, dark eyes and those lips are made for one thing, sucking! She has a sweet set of transsexual tits that I am sure that she enjoys the tit fuck with. Imagine sticking your shaft between those girls and tempting her with the top of your shaft. A touch of precum just dropping to the edge of her tongue making her go wild and crazy for more salty cum.


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Lots of big cock and ass girls waiting for you inside. Check out a Barbara Ribeiro now this girl is packing some shemale meat!

Barbara Ribeiro Shemale Slut

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Jhenifer Brasil, Cum Cock GirlAll I can say about this Transsexual is fucking hot.  Take a look at that beautiful set of round breasts that this girl has.  Her name is Jhennifer Brasil and she has got it packing in all the right fucking places.  I am sure you would love have a vixen like this getting ready to suck your cock.  Beautiful long hair, killer tits and a sweet Brazilian ass that is just dying to be penetrated.  I love the color of her skin, no doubt relaxing in the hot sun in a sweet little bikini.  She would look amazing coming out of ocean, the sun glistening off the water on her body. 

She looks pretty sweet in those jeans as well.  Another set of this naughty shemale.  Now how could that Brazilian ass not get your fucking attention?  She would have you under her spell in know time.  Her shecock just growing inside those panties.  She loves it when her man gives her attention to her cock.  Dripping with precum you will have a hard time resisting her shemale charms.  Once you are inside her pussy you will wonder why it took you so long to fuck the perfect girl.  Transsexuals rule and Jhennifer absolutely proves it.


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I have a review of the site if you would like to check it out.  HOT PAYSITE REVIEW!

Naughty Shemale in tight jeans

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